Weakened Or Weak Immune System?

Weak Immune System – Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment

Weak Immune System

People with medical conditions such as HIV disease, cancer, having cancer treatment or following organ transplantation are at higher risk of contracting molluscum contagiosum infection as are any people who have an weak immune system or compromised whether through illness or as a result of medications, such as steroids.

In these circumstances, individuals may have a more serious case of the disease and the bumps usually do not go away without treatment.

Most people with normal immune systems may experience about 10-20 bumps but for those with weakened immune systems, the number of bumps may be a lot higher; a 100 bumps or more.

The molluscum bumps may be very large-15 millimeters or more, and may be more persistent or resistant to treatment.

The bumps may appear more extinsively over the body, and often appear on the face.

The risk of a secondary infection caused by bacteria is always present and you should discuss with your doctor possible suitable treatments for you and ways to improve your overall health.

In cases like this, the appropriate treatments may involve the use of antiretroviral (anti-HIV) medications or treating the primary medical problem.

Probiotics are a great way to improve gut health and strengthen your immune system.